Boys Bowling: Rockford Guilford Regional Preview

The Guilford Regional is one of the top regionals in the state with the top two ranked teams in the state in the same regional. Here is all you need to know about the tournament.

When: 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14

Where: Don Carter Lanes, Rockford.

Who: Belvidere, Belvidere North, Harlem, Marengo, Boylan, Rockford Christian Life, Guilford, Lutheran, Rockford Christian, Hononegah, South Beloit, Woodstock

Advancement: Top four teams, top 10 individuals.

Team to beat: Harlem. The Huskies still get the edge with at least six tournament titles on the year and a balanced team throughout the lineup with some players who can post big scores.

Top challenger: Hononegah. Has picked it up in recent weeks with some victories and will be a big threat to Harlem throughout the state series. One of these two teams will likely bring home the plaque.

Qualifying contenders: Guilford, Belvidere North, South Beloit. Rockford Christian, Boylan, Belvidere, Marengo. This is virtually up for grabs for the final two spots. Guilford has been the most consistent and appears to be the favorite to get one of the other two spots, but the final spot could be just about any team, especially those listed above. North might get the slight edge, but can’t count out the others, especially Boylan. Rockford Christian has posted some big numbers in games this year as well.

Individuals to watch: Jacob Nimtz, Harlem; Dawson Jones, Harlem; Kyler Gerl, Harlem; Collin Day, Harlem; Noah Mandujano, Harlem; Nick Sommer, Hononegah; Brandon Mooney, Hononegah; Tanner Shewe, Hononegah; Parker Hearne, Hononegah; Matt Fleege, Boylan; Dakota Moore, Boylan; Alex Livingston, Guilford; Daniel Simmonds, Guilford; Justin Bragg, Belvidere North; Garrett Nelson, Belvidere North; Jose Gonzales, Belvidere North; Joe Gallagher, Belvidere; Seth Cushman, Rockford Christian; Trey MacCormacl, South Beloit; Edward Jurawski, Woodstock; Jake Barton, Marengo

Overall expectations: The Harlem vs. Hononegah battle has been entertaining for the past three years, and this year it has heated up in recent weeks with Hononegah topping Harlem. Every week matters, but these are two teams who want the state trophy. The race for the final two spots could be the most exciting and competitive of the regionals with many teams in the running. Don Carter Lanes gives Guilford some advantage for sure, but many of these teams are used to bowling on those lanes. It will likely come down to which teams can avoid the bad games or the team that can put up a couple big scores to separate themselves.

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