Girls bowling state preview – from the coaches

Here is the state preview, from the words of the coaches competing. If you don’t see your team, the coach did not submit the information.

Coach: Tim Jacobs
High point: The last three games at sectionals. It was the best three game stretch all year. High energy from all eight players and working well together.
Low point: The 15 games prior to that three game stretch. We were (not good) at regionals and the first three games at sectionals. Exact opposite of the last three games at sectionals.
Goal at state: Make the top 12 and bowl Saturday because you never know what will happen on Saturday.
Keys: Goals are met if we bring the energy and excitement that we found the last three games at sectionals.
Team to beat: Harlem. Very talented and tournament in their backyard.
Coach comment: Fourth straight state bid, this year with a inexperienced team. Bringing back seven of eight for next year.
Kelsey Kruse Jr 92 games 194.8 avg
Bri Mcnett Sr 92 games 183.9 avg
Bailey Busker Fr 70 games 180.2 avg
Sidney Hughes Jr 92 games 191.4 avg
Maddie Wallace Jr 95 games 198.8 avg
Skye Endress Fr 43 games 173.5 avg
Abby Ehrler Fr 55 games 170.96 avg
Kyerra Harvell So 50 games 162.8 avg


Coach: James Heathscott
High point: The high point of our season is right now.  Our goal every year is to give yourselves a chance at state.  Once you to state I believe anything can happen as long as your team is on their game.
Low point: Last couple of tournaments in January it seemed as the team was just going through the motions waiting for the postseason.
State goal:  This team’s goal is the state championship
Keys:  Bowl our game and not worry about what other teams are doing.  If we just bowl I feel we will be there at the end. They have worked hard all year and as long as we stay together as a team we will be fine.
Team to beat: Lockport has been on top of their game all season and they are going to be tough to beat.
Roster (average):  Mylee McCracken 209, Treasure Childs 193, Kayla Verstraete 211, Stephanie Richards 202, Becca Hagerman 215, Alexandra Buffington 184, Laura Bartelt 191, and Angel Grinnall 186
Coach comment:  The state meet is a marathon and you have to stay focused on the next ball cause it is the only one you have any control over at that moment.  And enjoy the moment its never a guarantee that you will make it back.

Coach: Barry Hubbard
High point: I’d say a few high points of equal value would be winning the regional and sectional back to back weekends. Winning a very tough Belleville East Sectional by almost 400 pins was definitely a huge accomplishment.
Low point: We really haven’t had what I would consider a low point to the season. I think if there was one it was probably the way we preformed at the Carterville Invite. We didn’t perform up to our potential and it cost us a tournament win.
State goal: Our main goal for this weekend is to continue to compete at the level we have the last several weeks and enjoy the experience.
Keys: We need to continue to have the mental focus we have had leading up to this point.
Teams to beat: Not really sure who the teams to beat are. We know there are a lot of strong teams from the northern part of the state. We don’t put a lot of emphasis on other teams. We have a game plan that we put in play and we can’t control other teams and what they do. We focus on what our goals are and what we can control.
Coach comment: We as a coaching staff are very proud of the hard work and what our girls have achieved this season. We are looking forward to a great weekend in Rockford.
Lily Ballard – Sr
Cassidy Ray – Sr
Ashley Wolff – Sr
Maddy Carey – Jr
Kaytlon Richardson – Jr
Netta Russell – Soph
Sarah Schumacher – Soph
Jenna Wolff – Soph

Coach: Daniel Pfligler
High point: Winning the conference, regional and sectional trophy and qualifying for state.
Low point: Losing a great coach at the end of the season due to retirement.
Goals for the state meet: First goal make it to Saturday and the hopefully compete for a trophy on Saturday
Keys: We need to be consistent and make all of our makeable spares.
Teams to beat: Harlem and Lockport.
Roster (average):

Amanda Richae (SR) 199.9
Alexis Orwat (SO) 188.2
Kelly Paradowski (JR) 174.8
Allura Magsino (JR) 184.8
Darcy Lange (JR) 166.3
Emilie St. Clair (SO) 151
Colleen Golliger (SO) 142.6

Coach: Kailey Hoppe
High point: Making it to state was the highlight of the season. We all had one big goal this year and that was going to state. Me personally; Im excited to finish this season where I left off in 2009 on the Guilford team.
Low point: The girls and I feel like there wasn’t a low point this season. They have been working hard their bowling and a lot with their mental game.
State goals: The big goal would be finish top three and shooting over a 1,000 every game or most of them with a low being 950.
Keys: For this to happen the girls will need to keep a positive upbeat attitude and be able to hit there marks to hit the pocket to leave and pick up easy spares or to strike.
Teams to beat: The team to beat would be Harlem and Lockport. They are a great bunch of girls who seem to always have there A game ready.
Roster (average):
Lauren Sprecher  (Sr)  Avg-209
Kayle Monestero  (Jr)  Avg-183
Clara Arco            (Jr)  Avg-190
Graci Cabello       (Jr)  Avg-190
Amy Niswonger    (Sr) Avg-200
Megan Peterson   (Jr) Avg-177
Carrie Minnier     (So) Avg-166
Coach comment: We are excited as a team to be at Cherry Bowl this Friday. The coaches made deals for the state series. Get out of regionals- Ice Cream, Get out of sectionals- Team bonding doing escape room and on the first day of state the coaches will have blue hair for the tournament.  This will hopefully give the girls a little extra motivation at state and maybe some hardware too.

Coach: Julie Arias
High point: The high point of the season was at sectionals because the team almost beat another school record by bowling 1050. This pushed Hersey into second place and we were almost sectional champions.
Low point: The low point of the season was at regionals because we struggled in the second game of the morning round. It was a challenging pair since only one team bowled on it prior to our switch (Hoffman was bowling a bye). This made the lanes very oily and difficult to score well on.
State goals: Qualify individuals or the team to the second day of the state tournament.
Keys: I believe that the mental game is a big part of achieving these goals because it is easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure of the situation.
Team to beat: Hoffman Estates because they have been a competitive team this season and it would be a great accomplishment to beat them.
Coach comment: It is important to take into account that several teams have girls who have been bowling for years or girls that bowl year round, however there are a lot of programs that are building bowlers out of girls who have never bowled before prior to high school. Hersey’s program has revolved around most girls that have never bowled and I am always impressed with how much hard work and effort these girls put in to make it to state.
Roster (average)
Emma Wrenn (213)
Caroline Stiefbold (170)
Sarah Lippsteuer (162)
Annie Durava (161)
Morgan Ludvigsen (156)
Claire Bauerle (142)
Susan Ferris (140)
Susan Schmidt

Coach: Art Cwudzinski
High point: Wining Strikefest because that is the biggest test during the regular season.
Low point: I don’t think we had a low point. The season has been a total positive.
State goals: Our goal is to bowl 60 good frames Friday and advance to Saturday. Hopefully we can do the same thing Saturday and bring home a trophy.
Keys: We have to make our spares, keep the bad shots to a minimum and have some luck on our side.
Team to beat: Harlem. They are a very talented team bowling in their backyard.
Roster (Average):
Bailey Delrose (JR) 216
Dana Ackerson (SR) 210
Marissa Ramirez (SR) 207
Monica Colon (SR) 202
Grace Karraker (SR) 198
Paige Reiter (SR) 198
Erin Kleffman (SO) 183
Kaelin Miller (JR) 180

Coach: Frank Yudzentis
High point:  The high point of the season to date is of course qualifying for state. It is one of the long term and main goals of our program year in and year out.  I think another high point going into the tournament is that we are bowling our best and will continue to grow as a team, and improve.
Low point:  As far as expectations, not winning the conference championship could be considered a low point, but considering we overcame that day and won the regional and qualified for state, in the grand scheme of things, it may not be as low as some may think.
State goals: We have broken our goals up into two pieces this year.  One: we want to make the cut to the second day.  We made it to state last year, to the surprise of many, and were relatively young and inexperienced. We didn’t perform like we were capable.  I think the magnification of the event took a toll on a couple of our younger players and thus finished out of the top 12.  Two: we have had a goal throughout this season of finishing in the top five of all the tournaments we have been at this year and for the most part have achieved that goal.  We know a lot has to go our way for us to even to be in the discussion of winning a trophy, but feel we can compete.  In the end, all you can ask for is a chance and we have given ourselves that.
Keys: First, we have stay focused on us. We can’t worry about what the other teams are doing. We can’t play defense against other teams, but we can not hurt ourselves.  Make spares and get the count on splits. Second, we have to be able to overcome those small adversities that occur during a six and (hopefully) 12 game tournament.  By that I mean not carrying every perfect shot, and realizing that some of the breaks are bad (throw a good shot and leave a 7-10).  Third, we have to have our good players be good players and have someone “surprise” during the tournament (think JT West last year).  And lastly, we hope to use the experience from last year to our benefit.
Team to beat: No doubt, Lockport.  Not only do they have a veteran team, they are a team that has a tremendous amount of success not only this year, but the last two years with basically the same team.  Harlem will contend.  They have a really nice deep squad of girls who can flat out play.  They get to sleep in their own bed, and they are very familiar with the bowling centers in the area.  Dark horses would be Herrin, Waubonsie Valley and possibly O’Fallon.
Coach comment: I think having Kegel come in with the pattern may present some problems for some teams. Most of the teams have bowled on the surface so I really think it’s going to be about match-ups.  By that, I mean, who has the depth that has a fourth or fifth player that can score because she matches up to the shot. Now the top three or four teams aren’t going to have that problem because they have pretty elite players and they bowl well no matter lane conditions. I think a team that may surprise some is Oswego East. If the shot matches up to them better, they have the ability to go big. Big enough and consistently enough with the big dogs?  I think, that if they do match up, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take home a trophy.
3.  ERIN DUNN (SR) 171

Coach: Harry Banks
High point: High point of the season has been the last two weeks. The girls have bowled well. Have peaked at the right time.
Low point: Low point was the Minooka invite. Thought we had a good week going into that tournament. I guess just not a good day.
State goals: Goals for the state tournament is just to have a good tournament. Making the cut and competing would make for a good tournament and experience.
Keys: A fast start would really set the tone for the day. Helps spare shooting also.
Team to beat: I don’t know the Harlem team very well. They have been putting numbers up all year. The Lockport team has been bowling well all year. They are deep team.
Angel Heck-freshman
Cadenz Fitzgerald-sophomore
Oliva Schultz-sophomore
Allison Kukman-senior
Corrinne Day-senior
Amy Waldron-senior

Coach: Kelly Rumel
High point: We bowled our highest team game (in fifteen years) of 1108 pins vs. TF South this season.  We followed the first game with a 969 giving us our highest team series of 2077 pins.  After five straight years of losses against TF South, the win was doubly sweet. We qualified for the state tournament as a team for the first time ever.  This was truly a team effort with seven bowlers all making contributions they could be proud of.
Low point: Our low point started with the season opener losing to Lemont by 20 pins.  We had been practicing with strong numbers, but did not step up that day (giving us our 6thstraight loss to Lemont over the years).  We came into the game knowing we were capable, but our confidence waned with a slow start. Following the loss, we knew we had work to do.  I reminded my team that the best bowlers had the shortest memories and we needed only to focus on the future.
State goals: Our goal for the state meet begins with taking it one game/one day at a time.  Each girl is responsible for bringing a positive attitude/positive imagery reminding themselves of their talent that brought us to this point. We plan to fully use that talent on the lanes while enjoying that gratifying feeling that bowling your best brings.
Roster (average):
Stephanie Gasca (Sr.) 190 average
Kommenich (Sr.) 168 average
Allison Hebel (Jr.) 188 average
Lena Rayas (Jr.) 167 average
Greiman (So.) 162 average
Hailey Gershon (So.) 156 average
DiGrazia (Fr.) 155 average
Coach Comment: The Oak Lawn Lady Spartan Bowlers are looking forward to their debut appearance at state.  We feel it will be the first of many appearances in the future.

Coach: Garrett Spencer
Goals: One ball at a time. Anything other than that doesn’t really matter because you cant control it.
Keys: For that to happen we just watch our own team not others and have a short memory if we don’t bowl up to our potential in any given situation.Team to beat: Who cares there is no defense. Just throw the ball to your ability. Worry about what you do behind the line and the rest is just circumstance.
Freshmen: Mary Orf, Natalie Heltne, Grace Braswell
Sophomores: Hayleigh Williams, Lauren Tomaszewski, Maddi Thornton, Hanna Kester

Coach: Dan Okoren
High point: Seeing the entire team truly buying into the process and then to have that pay off at the end of the season in the form of a state berth.  It has also been great to see the team has grown close.
Low point: None
State goal: Win the tournament.
Keys: We will need to be firing on all cylinders.  If all of our girls are bowling to their potential, we can win.
Team to beat: Lockport.  We have seen them several times this season and they are great at the fundamentals with a deep squad.
Roster (average)
Taylor Kies (senior captain – 201 avg.)
Alyssa Lang (senior captain – 186 avg.)
Rachel Clifton (junior – 184 avg.)
Megan Douglas (junior – 170 avg.)
Shannon Torrez (sophomore – 156 avg.)
Cynthia Memming (sophomore – 152 avg.)
Alicia Lautwein (junior – 150 avg.)
Brianna Ronning (junior – 140 avg.)
Coach comment: While some, including the media, may not have thought we would be here as a team, we never stopped trusting in the process.  I’m extremely proud of the girls for not listening to the “noise” and instead remaining focused on our goal and what it takes to achieve it.

Coach: Rick Clark
High point: The high point of our season was qualifying for state. Not many teams get the opportunity to experience state. The atmosphere and excitement in the bowling center is tremendous and is something they will remember forever.
Low point: We did not experience any low points during our season.
Goal: Our goal for the State meet is to make the team cut into Saturday or at least have an individual or individuals make the cut into Saturday.
Keys: To make this happen we will probably have to average 990 per game as a team. Individuals to advance will probably have to average close to 205.
Team to beat: I believe Harlem is the team to beat. Very well coached and their team is loaded with talent and they have plenty of experience.
Roster (average)
1. Lauren Gawlinski – 190.9    
2. Peyton LaValley – 187.8
3. Meredith Nowotarski – 173.7
4. Sarah Beck – 167.3
5. Kathleen Serrano – 150
6. Natalie Markech – 149
Coach comment: The hard part is over, we made it, let’s have fun and enjoy the weekend and do the best we can. We earned the right to be here.

Coach: Emily Gesell
High point: I’m not sure we’ve had one specific high point. We’ve had a really great season and the team has stayed motivated and enthusiastic throughout. If I had to name one of our high points it would have to be the Hinsdale Central Invitational on January 14th. We worked incredibly as a team, bowled an 1178 game, and one of our bowlers, Gina Bartkus bowled a 298. It was a high energy day where everyone did well and worked together when someone was off.
Low point: Our low point of the season was definitely when our second highest average bowler, senior Sarah Coffman, broke her foot. She has been out since January 16th and won’t be able to come back. It was a blow to the team, but it also made some of our other bowlers really step up. The whole team worked incredibly hard to make up for losing Sarah, including Sarah. She still comes to every practice and tournament to help keep the team motivated and positive.
State goals: Our first goal is to qualify as a team for the second day. Last year, the team did not qualify for the second day even though it is well within our means, so we are not taking anything for granted. A larger goal for us though is to just stay motivated and positive and bowl our best games, regardless of everyone else. From the beginning, we’ve always aimed to bowl our own game no matter who our opponent is. Five of our girls are seniors, so we want to walk away from state knowing that we gave everything we had on the lanes.
Keys: Bowling is so much of a mental game. Our biggest road block will be if we start to think too much about what would happen if we don’t bowl our best or if the girls doubt their abilities. This team’s biggest strength is their ability to hold each other up if one bowler is not having their best game. Each teammate rises to the challenge of covering for any teammate who is struggling. The girls only need to keep the focus on that team effort and know that if the struggling bowler happens to be them, that it is okay, their team has their back.
Team to beat: For Richards, beating Lockport would mean a great deal. Our seniors have watched Lockport bowl strongly for the last four years, and our team knows we have the potential to out-bowl them. We haven’t beaten them yet, however, and it would be incredible for that to happen at state.
Roster (Average)
Alexandra Wozniak (senior) – 210
Peyton Attig (senior) – 199
Gina Bartkus (senior) – 188
Caitlyn Solomon (junior) – 185
Katie Strache (sophomore) – 179
Phoenix Lopez (senior) – 179
Sarah Coffman (senior) – 201 (injured, can’t bowl)
Coach comment: I’m incredibly proud of the Richards girls this year. This is my first year as a coach and I came into it with a fantastic team. While we’ve had our bumps in the road, the team has kept a positive attitude throughout, never stopped working to improve, and always remembered to have some fun along the way. As a coach, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Coach: Sharon Krack
High point: Winning our conference tournament for the fourth straight year and the Regional Championship for the third straight year.
Low point: coming in second in our own Invite. We had one of our worst games of the young season and dropped from first to second.
Goal for state: Stay a clean as possible and fill frames and to place in top 12 to be able to bowl as a team the second day.
Team to beat: There are several teams that have consistent strong outings all season.  Lockport has performed solid all season, Harlem is bowling really well right now.  O’Fallon won the Guilford Tournament earlier this season that was held at Cherry Bowl.  Herrin has had some great scores lately. With the change in the shot, it could be several teams in the hunt.
Roster (average):
Leah Samuelson-Burkeybile (203)
Sky Stoutt (200)
Sam Miner (185)
Ashlyn Burkeybile (180)
MaKyla Penderson  (175)

Coach: Kenneth Lange
High point: So far, winning our regional and going into one of the tougher upstate sectionals and emerging as a team to finish second and qualify for state. The team has gradually improved all season.
State goal: To finish higher than last year (12th).
Keys: Rolling the ball well and consistently, staying focused in the moment, paying attention to the changes in the lane conditions and controlling the controllables.
Team to beat: The team that is able to bowl their best in the state environment and make the shots they are supposed to make mixed with the most focused and able to block out all the distractions that occur in the finals environment.
Victoria Dizon (’17)
Maggie Faje (’18)
Hayley Gregerson (’18)
Sulmarie McGee (’17)
Macayla Powers (’17)
Kayla Rossi (’17)
Amanda Yoder (’18)
Coach comment: Good luck to all the other teams and bowlers and to our girls. Enjoy every moment of it – it’s special and you should soak in every moment and leave everything you have on the lanes.

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