Our profiles had a 100% rate last year of individuals who signed at colleges and multiple in the 2017 class are already committed!

"Illinoisbowling.net is a great source for college coaches to find information, stats and profiles on athletes. This is a great source for finding talent all over the state."

-Tony Talley, head coach, University of St. Francis bowling

"Illinoisbowling.net is a great recruiting tool for student athletes and college coaches. As a college coach you see a lot of bowlers at tournaments and events and read about bowlers but there is a need to bridge the gap from coaches to the student athletes. This site does that. It provides coaches with more information about the athletes and provides a way to contact them as well. Keep up the good work Illinoisbowling.net it is greatly appreciated by all!"

-Kyle Woodcock, Alma College Women's Bowling coach

"Thanks to this IllinoisBowling.net profile and the exposure it provided, Nora was recruited and has signed with Judson University where she will study photography."

- Nora Russell's Profile

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